At The End
Author Bryson Debroni
Runtime TBA
Track No. 16
Band TBA
Jazz Band TBA
Strings TBA
Choir TBA


Here, at the end,
To think I once loved you
With this final act around the bend.

Here, where we close,
Not realizing there’s
Secrets only Hell can know.

Here, at the end,
Opposites attract
I guess that’s what makes enemies friends.

Here, where we close,
All out of love;
Indeed, it comes and now all goes.

Here, at the end,
Knowing all innocence has died,
And that it’s something no God can mend.

“Welcome to the show.”

Can’t you see what you have done to me?
So blinded by your fear that you cannot see.
And can’t you see what you have come to be?
So wrong in your rights that you’ll never be free.

I know some things just aren’t really meant to be,
But that hardly matters as I drift further
Into my insanity.

He lifts up the knife to end their life,
Nobody’s gonna tell him what is wrong or right,
It ends tonight! It ends tonight!
He’s finally got the will to finish the fight.

He’s got a gun against his own head,
And one against hers: they’ll soon be dead,
It’s finally time for her to pay
For the way that her love turned out fake.

Can’t you see that you belong to me?
So blind to what easily could have been.
And can’t you see what you’ve made me to be?
So void of innocence, waiting to set us free.

I know that some things really are meant to be,
And I suppose fate was indefinitely attached
To my own insanity.

He laughs as he reaches out to hold her hand
She pulls away. He yells: “DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND!?”
She shakes her head and then begins to scream;
He knows exactly what she means.

“With this you’ll know what you meant to me!
That’s the point of this ending, now don’t you see?
The close really isn’t all that bad:
Remember all those great times we had?

This is where her whole world collapses,
This is goodbye to all second chances,
This is where she’ll finally try to explain
But it’s too late: He’s gone insane.

So welcome to the show!
Yes, welcome to the show!
This is me finally letting go.
Sit back and watch the curtains close.

So welcome to the show! (So here he goes and takes his final stand)
Yes, welcome to the show! (It’s not at all what he’d had planned)
This is me finally letting go! (It ends tonight! It ends tonight!)
With a bullet at the close! (With a bullet at the close!)

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