In Times (You're My Home)
Author Bryson Debroni
Runtime 2:30
Track No. 3
Band Acoustic Guitar, Bryson Debroni

Bass Guitar, Jon Mourant

Piano, Sam Shelton

Glockenspiel, Bryson Debroni

Drums, Cam Frieson

Jazz Band Trombone, Ryan Leslie

Trombone, Tanner Gessell

Trumpet, Alex Cz.

Alto Sax, Weston Gessell

Alto Sax, Thomas Stefaniuk

Tenor Sax, Joshua Thomas

Baritone Sax, Ryland Thiessen

Strings None
Choir None


In times long forgotten
When pain would never cease.
In times when lightning would fork the sky
And more rain fell than
I could believe in.
Oh, more than I could believe.

In times when my home was a rickety house
Without a front door,
You came a-knockin’,
On the rotten floor;
On the rotten floor.
And in times long forgotten
In fields where flowers grew,
Where petals were wonders
Just for me and you,
I found a lover,
Someone I know is true.
And though times may go unremembered,
I know love never will.

I guess that’s where I was
Ooh, I was wrong,
I was wrong,
Oh, I’m not alone,
I was wrong,
Ooh, I was wrong,
I was wrong,
Oh, ‘cause you’re my home.

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