Will You Understand?
Author Bryson Debroni
Runtime 9:14
Track No. 8
Band Vocals, Bryson Debroni

Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals, Robert Ingram

Piano, Sam Shelton

Bass, Jon Mourant

Drums, Cam Frieson

Jazz Band None
Strings Violin 1, John Taves

Cello, TBA

Choir None


I know you’ll understand
That I’ll do my best to stand,
No matter how much the wind might
Whip in my face, I will fight.
Just so I can say I never ran.

I never ran, my dear . . .

I know you’ll understand
That I’ll always be your friend;
No matter what comes or goes,
No matter what the flames of Hell might know,
I will be there till the end.

And I’m still here . . .

I hope you’ll understand
That I’ll always be there to take your hand,
However, whether you accept or decline
Is your decision and not mine;
After all, we change like an hourglass’s sand.

And there’s nothing we can do about that, now is there . . . ?

I hope you’ll understand
That I’ll try and try and try
And I’m sorry if I ever tell you a lie;
I’m sorry if I ever fail
I’m sorry if I don’t prevail—
But love will never die.

What a joke . . .

Maybe you’ll understand
When I am away,
Gone for days or years
On seas ridden with fears.
I would have rather stayed with you.

Or at least should have been . . .

Maybe you’ll understand
If God doesn’t smile on me;
If the sun refuses to light up the sky
When danger and doom comes nigh
Upon this great divide.
I’m not clean.

And because of you I never will be . . .

Will you understand
That I know that you’ve been through hard times?

Will you understand
That I’m still here even when life is not kind?

Do you understand
That I know it’s so hard to unwind?

Do you understand
That when you look for someone to see
Everyone is blind . . .
Well, besides me . . . ?

Can you understand
That we all make mistakes?

Can you understand
When I bend and bleed and break?

Why can’t you understand?

Please understand
That I know how you feel:
That the nightmares are real
But they’re not beyond love’s power to heal.

I’m begging you to understand
That I’ve never regretted the day I came!
That things may not be the same
But I don’t want them ever to be that way again.
The pain is great,
But not so great
As the pain of losing you.

Understand that I’d
Fall on my knees and rip out my heart
Just to watch it beat
Its last beat for you.

Understand that I’d
Tear this whole damn world apart
Just to show you
The state of my heart.

And yet I still know,
As you drift away
Like a cloud on a stormy day,
I would be perfectly happy
To lay down my life
For you.

I’d still be happy to feel
A knife between my ribs;
I’d still be happy
Even after all those things that you did.
I’d still be happy
Just to die smiling
Knowing that you love me.

Because so long as you know how much I love you
I really wouldn’t mind to die;
So long as it’s for you.
Just don’t leave,
Just don’t push me away,
And trust me, I’ll be here to stay.

But regardless of what path you choose
I will always—
Regardless of mistakes or madness,
Regardless of these dim dark dances,
Regardless of the ringing
Of a thousand sinners singing,
Regardless of anything—
I will always love you.

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